Restore and Strengthen Your Workplace Relationships

At the ZALT Group, we provide practical advice and solutions to help resolve workplace issues such as conflict and employee dissatisfaction. We help you and your team: Focus on work and become productive again, regain energy and enthusiasm, improve engagement and communication, reduce feelings of discomfort and stress & minimise organisational and personal risk

When faced with workplace conflict, many managers look for a ‘quick fix’. Although that’s understandable when overworked and time-poor, acting quickly at the expense of acting appropriately can lead to even more problems.

We follow a well documents and established process ensuring that the elements of natural justice and procedural fairness are provided to all participants.

Practical, engaging workshops. The capacity for self-reflection is a key ingredient. How do your people stack up? The ZALT Group offers public and in-house training to empower teams on a range of workplace issues. We can tailor a course to your specific needs.

As qualified legal, HR and employee relations professionals, we advise on a wide range of employee relations issues – helping you answer many key questions.

A tactical approach to understanding, diagnosing and improving the underlying tension and systemic problems in your team, department or organisation.

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Process Driven Emotion

Last week this call came in… Tony, it’s Jane here. Sam and Sandy are at it again. I keep saying to them “Look, let’s not get emotional. Let’s just deal with the problem”. I know this can be solved if we just change the process. It’s just that neither of them are willing to do this!!! What’s going on??? What do…

Podcast Post

In this Podcast we explore how to handle the inevitable complexities of workplace relationships and appreciate the importance of engaging in those difficult conversations.  Sharing real-life stories of conflict and recent high-profile cases, we discuss workplace relationships and alleged inappropriate behaviours. So whether you are a business owner with staff of more than 1, or work in a larger organization, this…

Career, community and cause. Where’s the conflict?

It’s true, engaged employees are less likely to be distracted by conflict. And organisations that can balance engagement will achieve performance.  An analysis of the “100 Best Companies to Work For in America” found that these companies generated 2.3% to 3.8% higher stock returns per year than their peers. Yes, there is shareholder value to being a great place to…

Facilitating Difficult Conversations in the Workplace Workshop

CHANGE THE WAY YOU VIEW & MANAGE CONFLICT FOR GOOD HR professionals often find themselves amid feisty conversations and are expected to resolve them or coach others through them. The manner and effectiveness with which they deal with the initial conversation will either escalate the risk of conflict OR reduce the heat and get everyone back on track, back to…

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