What’s draining the energy and performance from your workplace?

Keeping staff productive and energised is tough

Many businesses struggle with workplace tension because they don’t have the skills to diagnose issues accurately – or the internal resources to address them appropriately.

At The ZALT Group, we believe it’s never too late to improve the long-term health of your workplace. And the sooner you act, the sooner you’ll be able to overcome the recurring challenges at play.

Why workplace relationships offer a strategic advantage

There’s nothing soft and fluffy about workplace relationships. And it’s certainly not a ‘nice-to-have.’

Managing relationships effectively will offer your organisation many strategic advantages. You will face fewer risks such as stress and bullying claims – and benefit from greater productivity and engagement on all fronts.

There is always a plan - varied solutions for varied problems

Here are some of the issues we see and some of the plans we have used to address the issues

Growing signs of workplace dissatisfaction such as passive aggressive behaviour, poor attendance or resignations? Team Audit or Cultural Audit to diagnosis the issues and provide recommendations.
Senior managers struggling to get along or communicate effectively?Mediation, coaching and skills development to encourage assertive, respectful conversations are all that’s needed to get back on track.
Serious allegations of workplace bullying or violence? Conduct a formal investigation in line with company policy and employment law.
Negativity permeating after a workplace investigation? Conduct a restorative forum to rebuild trust and help employees resume normal working relationships.
A poor performing employee that’s defensive and unable to accept criticism? Coaching their manager and provide strategies to avoid disaster conversations.
Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials butting heads? Delivering Better Conflict Workshops and Peer Learning Groups to improve skills and shift mindsets.

If you’re ready to improve the long-term health of your workplace, contact The ZALT Group today.