Relationship Rebuilds



Helping Stuck Relationships Move On

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone looking to strengthen a workplace relationship.
  • Anyone who has a strained relationship and knows it’s an important one for their success.
  • Anyone who needs a relationship to rebalance after or during conflict.
  • Anyone who has been told they need to in order to develop a plan to improve their working relationships.

Thursday 15 February 2024 – 2.5-Hour
Small Group Online Workshop

What This Training Is All About

Relationships are a strategic advantage, but people often don’t make time to audit and tend to this asset.  Working out a plan to improve a strained relationship can be hard. Dormant tension will erupt at some stage if left unmanaged.

Why Should You Attend?

By participating in this Workshop, you will learn and understand:

By participating in this workshop, you will be provoked to think and do! We will cover:

  • How to audit your workplace relationships and assess them as effective.
  • Identify which relationships need rebuilding or strengthening
  • Check in on your motivation to strengthen relationships
  • Explore the expectations of you regarding workplace relationships
  • Develop an action plan for specific relationships with practical steps you will take
  • Identify what you control or influence and how to make requests of others for healthy relationships
  • Plan for curve balls
  • Consider techniques to maintain strong working relationships

Past Participant Comments:

The ZALT Group delivers excellent results, and I would highly recommend it to all seeking an independent source to improve relations.
— Gabrielle Dalsasso – Project Manager, ARC Laureate Fellowship Program in Constitutional Law, Melbourne University Law School

 Very interactive and engaging!  Great course, highly recommended!  I feel I now have the skills and tools to move forward with confidence & awareness of my capabilities.
— Sam Leyden – C.I Coordinator, Miele

This course came at the perfect time. It made me think quite differently to how I always have. I am going to use some of this new information immediately.
 — Regional Manager, Spotlight

Zandy is a highly skilled facilitator. She has superior knowledge of her content and an engaging delivery style, drawing well on her own industrial and business experience. She presents with integrity and creates a training environment in which participants are fully engaged and feel comfortable to contribute. 
— Rachael Brady – Workplace Coach and Consultant


*Please note: Dates may be subject to change.