Workplace Health Check

Also known as Climate Audits and Neutral Assessments. Workplace Health Checks are a tactical approach to understanding and improving underlying tension or dysfunction in your team, department or entire organisation. Working closely with our sponsors and determining early any areas of focus, we will assess your current culture, communication, engagement and overall productivity before being able to diagnose what is occurring and make recommendations for improvements. We seek both positive and negative experiences and convert this information into themes.

Using a research based model in a voluntary and confidential setting empowers employees to share and voice their opinions and perceptions whilst we identify and evaluate the impact of any behaviours, practices and workplace dynamics that are directly or indirectly risking team wellbeing.

The ZALT Group will also offer post-implementation support including but not limited to team workshops, conflict coaching & facilitated discussions. and

When conducting a Workplace Health Check we believe:

  • You have to get the diagnosis of the dynamic right.  Understanding root causes is key.
  • You need to take the time to understand the drivers behind people’s behaviour.  People will share important insights and even possible solutions when asked and they genuinely feel their perception is being valued.
  • There is nothing soft and fluffy about workplace relationships.  There is a strategic advantage.
  • Relationships can change, mindsets and behaviours can change.  When these things are under strain, their organic change is rarely for the best so they require assistance to make it work.
  • To have a valuable conversation individuals must prepare; that includes self-reflection and acknowledgement of their contribution to the dynamic.
  • There is always a plan.
  • Your staff want to make their workplace a great place to work.
  • Workplace Health Checks are powerful tools. Decision makers will make good decisions if they have the correct understanding.
  • Sometimes someone external to the dynamic is best positioned to piece the puzzle together to allow for clarity of causes and creative approaches to repairing.

If you’re ready to uncover the true source of conflict in your workplace and implement the right strategies to address, then contact The ZALT Group today.

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