There is always a plan

We have expertise and skill in running mediations and investigations in an online format and are aware of strengths, weaknesses and potential pitfalls of this approach.


Mediation provides a facilitated forum for employees to have the conversations they need and want to have and often say what needs to be said to each other. We will facilitate conversations with a flexible yet structured process of negotiation that helps the workplace relationships solve their dispute or problem constructively.

We will support and design conversation flows that will stop things escalating and allow participants to articulate their needs and wants and negotiate better workplace interactions. It’s about making things better moving forward.  Having constructive conversations will reduce stress and risk.

It provides relief to strained workplace relationships, and often mediation is part of the relationship rebuild we undertake with individuals and organisations where conflict has been well entrenched or more proactively to allow them to get back on track.

When conducting a mediation we believe:

  • Having difficult conversations makes the workplace better.
  • People want to have that difficult conversation.
  • Conflict is more positive than people think.
  • Individuals are responsible for their own working relationships. Relationships can change, mindsets and behaviours can change.
  • To have a valuable conversation you must prepare; that includes self-reflection and acknowledgement of your contribution to the dynamic.
  • Positive problem solving together is crucial.
  • There is always a plan.
  • People generally know what they want to say and need to be focused on how they will say it.


We follow a well documented and established process ensuring that the elements of natural justice and procedural fairness are provided to all participants. As investigators we are “fact finders” who provide your decision makers with the information they need about what has occurred, events, behaviour and conduct within the organisation so they can make decisions and take necessary action. Most crucially at the end of the investigation you will have a report that provides a sound and reasoned basis for decision making, regarding the circumstances.

When conducting an investigation we believe that:

  • Investigations should do no further harm.
  • Investigations allow decision makers to make informed and necessary decisions.
  • All participants in an investigation, regardless of the allegations, must be treated fairly, with respect and with an open mind.
  • Having a fair process is the right thing to do.
  • Investigations have a major impact on the lives and wellbeing of those involved. They must be handled sensitively and separately, as both the process and outcome can have wide-ranging impacts. 
  • There are many options available to resolve conflict. Investigations are not always the best option.

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