The Overlooked Skill of Receiving Feedback



It’s A No Brainer Feedback Increases Performance, Reputation, Success, Engagement, Problem Solving…

1x 2.5hr session (9:00AM – 11:30AM) 

Hosted by Zandy Fell

But why then is it something we don’t always captialise on?  How we give feedback is important, but the magic is in how you receive it.  How well do you really receive feedback?  What do you do with your power to control what you do with it?

This interactive workshop will guide you through:

  • The individual’s role and responsibility in participating in conversations and receiving feedback
  • Buying into the nature and purpose of feedback – finding WIIFY
  • Exploring the art and science of better conversations through The Zalt Group’s 4 Quadrant model
  • Practical strategies for overcoming why you find giving and receiving feedback difficult and how to coach others
  • Refining your receiving feedback mindset
  • Increasing your skill in unpacking and deciding what to do with feedback.  For example;
    • Identifying the types of feedback (coaching, appreciation, evaluation) and the role they play
    • How to avoid relying on assumptions
    • What to do with “false” feedback
  • Consider how to proactively create a feedback culture for yourself and your team

Learning outcomes / high level take-aways:

  • Increase your ability to incorporate improvements and adjust your approach, incorporating feedback and improvement ideas from colleagues and stakeholders
  • Reduce the risk of performance feedback and general workplace interactions becoming negative
  • Gain confidence and certainty to participate respectfully and assertively in difficult conversations
  • Strengthen workplace relationships through more effective conversations
  • Improve collaboration culture and resilience within your team

Past Participant Comments:

Our employees left the Receiving Feedback training on a high with a strong commitment to act and improved positivity to enable stronger feedback conversations with their colleagues. Zandy did a fabulous job in providing our employees with realistic and relevant experiences in receiving feedback with good, challenging team discussions. 
— Fiona Marino – Learning & Organisational Development Business Partner, Secure Electronic Registries Victoria (SERV)

My eyes have been opened to new tools that can be used when approaching difficult conversations. I would recommend this course for all staff on the receiving end of difficult conversations and not just management!
— Fiona Ryan, Accounts Receivable Manager

Zandy is a highly skilled facilitator. She has superior knowledge of her content and an engaging delivery style, drawing well on her own industrial and business experience. She presents with integrity and creates a training environment in which participants are fully engaged and feel comfortable to contribute.
— Rachael Brady, Workplace Coach and Consultant

Zandy coached me after a difficult workplace situation. Working with Zandy challenged me on how I view work and how I view myself as a person.  Initially I thought it would be about me learning new skills but it was more about Zandy helping me to approach things differently. Her holistic approach really stood out.
— Preet Kaur, Program Manager, Victoria Police