Receiving Feedback



The Overlooked Skill of Receiving Feedback

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone who would like to benefit from feedback
  • Anyone giving or receiving feedback in performance reviews

Monday 3 June 2024 – 2.5-Hour
Small Group Online Workshop

What This Training Is All About
It’s A No Brainer – Feedback Increases Performance, Reputation, Success, Engagement, Problem Solving…

But why then is it something we don’t always capitalise on?  How we give feedback is important, but the magic is in how you receive it.  How well do you really receive feedback?  What do you do with your power to control what you do with it?

Why Should You Attend?

This interactive workshop will guide you through:

  • The individual’s role and responsibility in participating in conversations and receiving feedback
  • Buying into the nature and purpose of performance feedback – finding WIIFY
  • Refining your receiving feedback mindset
  • Increasing your skill in unpacking and deciding what to do with feedback.  For example;
    • Identifying the types of feedback (coaching, appreciation, evaluation) and the role they play
    • Strategies for analysing feedback and assessing options (e.g. act, fact finding, message distinct from messenger, managing criticism)
    • How to avoid relying on assumptions
    • Action good advice into lasting change
    • Build awareness of your feedback rejection triggers (and others)
    • Avoid relying on assumptions (e.g. hearing judgment where there isn’t any)
    • Understanding and managing your personal style and reputation
    • What to do with “false” feedback
  • Practical strategies for overcoming why you find giving and receiving feedback difficult and how to coach others
  • Consider how to proactively create a feedback culture for yourself and your team

Learning outcomes / high level take-aways:

  • Increase your ability to incorporate improvements and adjust your approach
  • Improved performance due to strengthened communication and collaboration 
  • Reduce the risk of performance feedback and general workplace interactions becoming negative
  • Improved conversations culture, provision of feedback and relationship management through more effective conversations. 
  • Gain confidence and certainty to participate respectfully and assertively in difficult conversations
  • Strengthen workplace relationships through more effective conversations
  • Improve collaboration culture and resilience within your team

Past Participant Comments:

Zandy’s session on Receiving Feedback garnered the most positive feedback we’ve ever received. She was highly engaging and energetic. The session itself was a good balance of practical and theoretical, totally worth their weight in gold!
– Manager,  Innovation Network, Department of Premier and Cabinet

Zandy brought a wealth knowledge to The Overlooked Skill of Receiving Feedback workshop. Zandy was engaging and insightful. Her real-life examples and practical steps were impactful. She changed the way our teams think about the topic.
– Karen Cresp – Organisational Development Manager, Austin Health 


*Please note: Dates may be subject to change.