Facilitating Difficult Conversations in the Workplace



Change the Way You View and Manage Conflict for Good

2x 7.5 hr sessions (9:30AM – 5:00PM) over 2 consecutive days * Date TBC

Hosted by Zandy Fell

HR professionals often find themselves amid feisty conversations and are expected to resolve them or coach others through them. The manner and effectiveness with which they deal with the initial conversation will either escalate the risk of conflict OR reduce the heat and get everyone back on track, back to focusing on work priorities.

Learn the strategies and practical methods to approach, lead and coach conflict resolution in your workplace.  Succeed in facilitating workplace conversations by refining and increasing your skills and mindset.

These 2 days guarantee to be an informative, interactive and an essential skill-building workshop that will change the way you view and manage conflict for good!  It will:

  • Explore HR’s role and reputation during workplace tension  including the associated responsibility and power dynamic
  • Develop a proactive and deliberate mindset to effectively support others to have constructive conversations
  • Enhance conflict-resolution principles that transform “negative” conflict into “positive” conflict into collaboration
  • Develop and grow your skill toolbox to manage the dynamics of a difficult conversation including:
    • Identify when things aren’t going well and what to do
    • How to mediate or facilitate a difficult conversation – the nuts and bolts!
    • Coaching others before, during and after the difficult conversation
    • Diagnose root causes of conflict
    • Interest-based problem solving
    • Explore various scripts and conversation starters to build your confidence and capability

The Zalt Group are determined to increase the credibility, capability and confidence of practitioners. We help people to resolve difficult workplace issues. We love to teach others to do what we do.

Past Participant Comments:

Mediating difficult conversations was a fantastic course that allowed me to leverage Zandy’s experience and brain-teasing information to review and better guide difficult conversations.  Thoroughly enjoyable and relevant.
— Jade Fox – HR, GHD

Zandy and her facilitation skills kept the workshop relaxed yet move along at a great pace, I love that no slides were used!  Zandy and her wealth of experience in the area of problem-solving along with the content & various models were excellent and highly engaging.
— Kerry-Anne Hill – National Organisational Learning & Development Manager at PFD Food Services