Would you like to be our new Practice Manager?

We are looking for a Practice Manager to work closely with us to strengthen and contribute to our ongoing success. The ZALT Group helps businesses and organisations deal with Workplace Conflict and we support individuals & organisations who want to restore and strengthen workplace relationships. Focusing predominantly on back-office and client engagement activities, we are looking for someone who is organised and proactive whilst also being a creative and curious thinker. You will most likely have 5+ years working experience.

You will pride yourself on your ability to:

         Being organised. You’ll need this for putting order into admin activities, projects and communications.

         See things through to the end. You’ll need this for taking our ideas and making them a reality!

         Manage multiple tasks at any one time. This is useful because The Zalt Group often have multiple projects, initiatives and events running at the same time.

         Speak up. We are continually evolving and looking for ways to improve our service offering. We’d like our Practice Manager to keep holding us accountable for this and give us their honest opinion!

         Be passionate! We LOVE what we do and want to work with someone who understands what we do and has a desire to get their work ‘right’.


If this sounds like you or you would like to have a confidential chat with us, please get in touch.  Your application doesn’t have to be long, nor even traditional, but it does have to be relevant and reflect your skills and the role.

Full position description available. Get in touch for more info: info@thezaltgroup.com.au

CLOSING DATE for applications - 4pm, Friday, 27 March 2020