Much-needed culture change!

Posted on Mar 20, 2018 in . 0 Comments.

The ZALT Group conducted a site-wide Health Check after a number of concerning indicators presented. Working closely with the ZALT Group and their discerning insights and analysis we formulated a very definite process for the much-needed culture change that we have implemented over the past eighteen months. The ZALT Group have supported all of my managers to make brave decisions and take action with confidence.

Zandy supported the implementation of a number of recommendations including working closely with my leadership team to ensure a consistent approach and improved outcomes relating to difficult conversations. She skilfully engaged them to overcome their discomfort and buy into the approach on a personal, employee and business level. She has considerable skill in providing the strategy to change both the overall culture and impact individual cases and has supported and up skilled my managers to make the changes necessary themselves.   Almost two years later we continue to focus on our culture and engagement and there has been a tremendous improvement with managers now taking full responsibility for the culture in their teams, the teams themselves are motivated, job satisfaction scores are consistently above 80% and challenges are being effectively managed before they grow.

The ZALT Group’s involvement and thinking in assisting my team and drive this change has been invaluable and I would have no hesitation recommending them for any prospective engagement.