Celebrating for Business Success

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We love a good party (& a drink)!

The end of year celebration is a really important part of our Australian workplace culture. It’s a great opportunity to strengthen and build relationships with the people that mean the most to your business. Your employees, clients, customers, suppliers. It gives you a great chance to reflect on the year’s achievements and successes whilst also providing an opportunity to ‘let your hair’ down.

Do you know why you’re celebrating???

You’re investing time, money and effort into organising an event. So you should be asking yourself, what’s you ROI for this celebration? Does your Xmas celebration actually meet your business needs?

Therefore when deciding on your festivities it’s important to:

1.      Determine why you’re having the celebration
2.      Prioritise your reasons
3.      Design a celebration to meet your business needs and objectives

To answer this you should ask and answer:

·         Why are we having this celebration?
·         What are we trying to achieve with this celebration?
·         Who is this celebration for?

Are you trying to deepen the connection within a Team? Offer a reward? Provide recognition to an individual or Team? Is it a chance to relax together? Is this an opportunity to celebrate Team success? Is it an opportunity to meet people from other areas of the business and increase internal networks? Or is it something else entirely???

The aim of thinking through this is not to “take the fun out of it” but rather like all activities, to ensure it’s achieving the intended purpose. Some of this reasoning is contradictory so how you prioritise your answers to these questions is important! Once you’ve done this you’ll be in position to organise an event that meets your business goals. For example, if your primary aim to have people in different areas of the business to mix, then Gold Class movie watching is not a great choice and would be a poor ROI. However if you’re a smaller group and just want a chance to relax together, then Gold Glass with a quick drink before and after, could be GREAT.

Whatever you do organise, please make sure that any celebration you have is safe & inclusive for all of your people.

Happy celebrating!!!

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