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Move over Nobel, Move over Logies……here comes the ZALT Conflict Leadership Award

Announcing the inaugural ZALT Conflict Leadership Awards

As 2016 concludes it’s time to recognise and celebrate those who have improved their workplaces over the year. These awards are to recognise the efforts and approaches taken when dealing with workplace conflict and/or proactively managing workplace relationships and dynamics.

We will announce the ZALT Conflict Leadership Awards 2016 winners in early Feb 2017.

Calling for nominations

The categories  

We will be awarding prizes in the following:

Category 1: Individual

Do you know someone who managed a tricky workplace situation effectively? Why was it tricky and what did that individual specifically do to help with the dynamic?

Do you know someone who recognised that they needed to do things differently to resolve some type of workplace tension? And they succeed in making things better?

Category 2: Manager

Do you know a manager who has chosen to positively tackle the workplace dynamics in their team or beyond? And this resulted in ongoing benefits to employees and the organisation? What did they do? Who did it impact? How was it effective?

Category 3: Human Resources or Organisation

Has your organisation made a concerted effort to change the way conflict is managed or perceived? Or perhaps your HR department is a leader in the space of conflict management? Maybe you are part of the HR team and can share some of your organisational mindset and initiatives.

Your voice

Feel free to send in your nominations via email, voice message or even video from your iPhone.  You can nominate yourself, colleague, organisation or a friend. All nominations will be considered and all winning nominations will be contacted prior to publicising the winners. Details of nominations and winners will only be shared with the recipient’s consent.

Applications close 1 February 2016

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