Our workplace conflict reflections from 2019 and happy holidays from The Zalt Group

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Merry Christmas, Happy Channukah, Happy Festive Season and welcome to summer!

2019 was a year with PLENTY of conflict both in the workplace and in the world at large. 

We saw this and thought it hit mark!!!

In 2019 numerous issues came across our desk. Some of these lessons might not be new, however, in no particular order, here are some of the ones that have jumped out at us…

  • Mental Health is a growing issue and Australia’s formal workplace structures and risk-averse culture means that most organisations really struggle with managing this. Even when there is genuine good-will and intent.
  • People’s approach to conflict is as varied as people’s approach to life. Yet those who see it as a problem- solving exercise tend to find a path through. Those who see it as an attack on their identity and rights… they struggle.
  • Trust is a precious commodity and the sooner a breach is worked upon is directly proportional to the chances of rebuilding the relationship.
  • News flash – Managers who can demonstrate they listen have more engaged staff and are higher performing!!
  • A genuine, “I am sorry”, even delivered after a long time and in an ongoing conflict, can literally change people’s lives. May sound corny, but transformative is what I have witnessed on a number of occasions.
  • The stories we tell ourselves about the reasons for someone else’s behaviour (our narrative about their actions) unless we explicitly discuss it with them, we are usually wrong!!! It’s a whole lot of guess-work and assumptions.
  • If it’s performance… it’s performance! If it’s behaviour… it’s behaviour! Either way deal with it NOW. The longer you wait the worse the outcome!

The things we are most proud of this year are:

  • Winning two State government tenders, one with VicPol and another with DHHS.
  • Increasing the number of Better Conversation workshops we are running in-house and seeing the positive impact it is having on these workplaces.
  • How we helped a business unit transition from a high conflict style to become the companies go-to resource!

A raft of smaller facilitated conversations that worked really well, where people feel they regained control and balance in their working lives. There is a lot of satisfaction with those.

Whilst we are comfortable in uncomfortable situations, we recognise that not everyone is, so thanks for all of your feedback support and engagement whilst wrestling together in the difficult arena of workplace conflict. A few of our blogs seemed to find some real traction, especially the following three: 

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We hope that you have a safe, relaxing and enjoyable break with your loved ones.

Best wishes, Zandy & Tony

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