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What she has taught me just this year…

As we head into the Holiday Season many of us spend more time with our families than we usually do and that’s a good thing. However, The ZALT Group are workplace experts so we’ll leave you to navigate your family!

Talking of family…. When you start blogging you worry that no one will ever read it … once you get over that, you realise that there is always one person waiting for you… in our case it is my 92 year old grandmother.

She reads our work on her ipad and then taps back a quip about the content. Usually her observation is so strikingly clear and simple we wonder how we even have a business model. And trust me, she knows a thing or two about the human condition (more about her at the end).

Nanny’s Blog Comments

So, what does a 92 year old independent thinking, and independent living person think of the challenges in the modern workplace?

Here are a few of “Nanny’s” comments on some of our 2015 blogs…

What’s you Mental Health antenna like? – This is a big problem. It is up to everybody at work and away from work to deal with this. They should all receive training. People should be more connected and take responsibility for their relationships. 

Generations Response to Conflict – In my opinion, for what it’s worth, a lot is put down to the Generation Gap that could be a personality clash. In both cases an honest discussion of the problem may have good results.

Code of Conduct – Why don’t they have a discussion once a week or month where everyone can air their grievances in a pleasant way?

Listening I believe that a lot of problems stem from people not listening to each other. You can hear but your mind is somewhere else, so it goes into one ear and out the other. When you listen you may understand and appreciate the person you are listening to. You may even learn something!

Bad behaviour is ruining your business – Civility is very important in all walks of life. It should be taught at home. It boils down to what you don’t want done to you do not do to others. That is my thought about this.

Is domestic violence a workplace issue? – I think there is still too much shame and because of that, secrecy about domestic violence. If someone’s work is not as good as it used to be, I think it is up to the Manager to find out why and then try to do something about it. Just as if the person had an illness or something else bothering them.

Volunteer and paid staff conflict  We greatly appreciate volunteers, but at times they are treated with Kid-gloves and paid workers may resent that. Volunteers have to learn to respect the workers and work side by side and respect the work ethic. Sometimes they forget why they started volunteering. 

Making stress your friendYou are all so busy and lead stressful lives. When you are younger stressful situations seem much easier to bare, you don’t really notice them. That is what I have found. Stress is harder as you get older. Learning how to deal with it is just so important.

Nanny Ruth

My grandmother, Nanny, is a refugee from Nazi Germany who built a meaningful life in Australia through hard work, hard work and hard work. She has always called a spade a spade, it’s never been a shovel. She has refused to be defined by others and she has always walked to the beat of her own drum.

Have a wonderful holiday period!

We wish you a meaningful time with your family over the holiday period. Zandy and I hope that you have a safe, relaxing and joyful time.

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