Is the milk still fresh?

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You thought 2016 would start differently!!!

You thought a good summer holiday and some distance would allow you to better manage the members of your team that “don’t get along so well”. January seemed to go OK. But then, the last few weeks have soured. Just like sour milk things still look OK from outside the bottle but once you open that lid it is undeniable. Team meetings are already tense, stress levels are on the increase and blaming others is a common response. Your team needs to perform this year!

Are you ready for 2016 and all of the difficult conversations and the change agenda you’re expected to drive? What strategies will you use to deal with the ever present stress that the modern workplace delivers?

When clients talk to us about the difficulties their managers face when managing their teams it almost always comes down to ‘awareness’ and ‘enablement’.

  • How aware or in touch the manager is with their team, the situation and themselves
  • How enabled the manager is. Their skill level and capacity to deal with workplace conflict. The values framework that your business operates in can have a huge bearing on this.

Are they ready to serve fresh milk?

So where are you as a manager? Where would you rate your managers?
Are they inundated, feeling as though they have tried everything but their people just don’t seem to get it??? Or perhaps they are feeling ineffective, they know their people but just lack the skills to effectively support them?

Our clients tell us that when their managers are feeling like this, their stress as well as the employee stress rises at an exponential rate. NOW is the time to do something about this. Now is the time to support your managers to be in a position where they can deliver on a change agenda and have the hard conversations that need to be had.

HOW??? Well that is where the ZALT Group can help. When you remove the lid to the milk container that has be lying around all summer can be there for you, your Team and your business.

Download our whitepaper, Better Conflict – Making Workplace Stress your Friend and give us a call to discuss the type of support we can provide to you and your people.

WELCOME BACK… it’s going to be a challenging year!

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